Discover Bright, Bold Effects with BEAMbar and BEAMshot

July 2013

beambar-pr-spSUNRISE, Fla. – CHAUVET DJ introduces BEAMbar and BEAMshot — two powerful fixtures designed to emit razor-sharp beams and create eye-catching aerial effects when combined with haze or fog.

BEAMbar is a linear effect light fitted with five individual pods, housing one white, 6-watt LED in each pod. It produces thick columns of light by projecting intense, narrow beams and features full pixel control for increased effects. Perfect for proms, live band performances, club installations and any other event in need of a lively, club-like atmosphere, BEAMbar easily incorporates stunning visual effects into any gig. To create impressive matrixes or runway effects, combine multiple units together using the optional CBB-6 bracket. CHAUVET DJ VIP Rewards members earn 420 points when you add this fixture to your setup.

Powered by a white, 6-watt LED, BEAMshot is a compact aerial effect light that outshines the competition and projects a sharp, ultra-narrow beam of light. Coordinate the look of your light show with any event by altering the color of the beam using any of the four included gels. Flood any gig with beams by combining multiple units for an eye-catching matrix or mesmerizing runway effects. CHAUVET DJ VIP Rewards members earn 130 points when you add this fixture to your setup.

To operate BEAMbar and BEAMshot, activate pre-built light shows using built-in automated and sound-activated programs, or for customized looks, design your own shows using four or five channels of DMX control. Built-in dimming curves allow for smooth LED fading while power linking multiple units saves time running cables and extension cords. For easy storage and transportation, CHS-60 VIP Gear Bag transports up to two BEAMbar fixtures, while CHS-30 VIP Gear Bag transports up to eight BEAMshot fixtures.