CHAUVET DJ Ignites 2017 International Fitness Showcase

May 2017

Blackpool, UK – The International Fitness Showcase at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens in March was called the ultimate fitness experience for fitness instructors and enthusiasts.  An arsenal of CHAUVET DJ fixtures helped make sure the lighting for the 2017 trade show was in great shape too.

Lighting Designer and Assistant Production Manager Ollie Wilkinson along with Production Manager Thomas Beattie developed a lighting design centered around CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ fixtures throughout the 14 different rooms of the venue.  This included the 3000-capacity Empress Ballroom where the team used CHAUVET DJ Geysers, MotionOrbs, and a dozen CHAUVET DJ BEAMbars to help create a dynamic lighting atmosphere for the three days of workshops, lectures, aerobic workouts and more.

The impressive array of CHAUVET DJ fixtures didn’t stop there. Wilkinson and Beattie highlighted the trade show booths and created dynamic lightscapes throughout the venue with many other CHAUVET DJ fixtures as well. Attendees entering the show were greeted with eight CHAUVET DJ Freedom Sticks and 22 CHAUVET DJ Freedom Par Tri-6 fixtures at the Grand Entrance.  Four CHAUVET DJ MotionOrbs and eight CHAUVET DJ PiXPar 24s lit up the The Gallion Bar.  In the Pavillion Theatre six CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Pro Tri fixtures washed the space.  Geysers erupted in The Spanish Hall and The Area was lit with four CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Hex 3 and four CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Pro Tri lights.

“The CHAUVET DJ fixtures are incredibly versatile,” said Wilkinson. “They ensured we could provide the various rooms with the perfect balance between uplifting and tasteful lighting to complement various activities.”