4BAR Lights BlackJade

Posted on July 17, 2012 by webmaster

BlackJade, a classic and alternative rock band, typically plays at clubs, private events, waterfront bars and restaurants in the tri-state area of Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts about six to eight nights per month. Band member Tim Sullivan uses a number of CHAUVET ® DJ 4BAR wash lighting systems to effectively wash the stage with color. Read on and see how Sullivan utilizes the fixture to light his band.

“We searched for LED fixtures capable of providing good stage coverage. Out of the many CHAUVET® DJ fixtures we implemented into our rig, we use one 4BAR system behind the drums to hit the stage and provide reflective lighting, while two more fixtures (one on each side of the stage) create a complete mid-center stage wash.

The 4BAR solution is compact, lightweight and has great features. This fixture replaced our conventional PAR64 and PAR56 cans and eliminated issues relating to weight, transportation, space, heat and wattage.

The long, foot-pedal wire is a key feature in the 4BAR because there are times when we run all of our fixtures from it. If you send the 4BAR DMX out to other LED systems, you can control the other lights’ color as long as those lights have a three-channel RGB mode. When the 4BAR changes color, the entire stage lighting system follows along keeping the stage active and interesting.

The fixture meets my expectations, but I would like to see improvements to the firmware programming inside the 4BAR, 4PLAY and 6SPOT.

I tried many brands over the last 10 years and finally realized CHAUVET® products seem to last longer and provide the best value.”