6 Questions for Jason Goers

Posted on October 1, 2012 by webmaster

Congratulations to our October Facebook Fan of the Month, Jason Goers. As the owner of JG Lighting Design, Goers specializes in concert lighting. With five years of experience and knowledge of the industry, he matches tonal qualities with color palettes and beam positions to enhance every show at any venue. Read on and get to more about our loyal fan.

1. Favorite CHAUVET® light/product.
My favorite CHAUVET® products are the Q-Spot 160-LED and Intimidator Spot LED 250 moving heads.  I have 10 Q-Spot 160-LED and two Intimidator Spot LED 250 moving heads with two more on the way soon. Both fixtures have a lot of great features for their price point and are very dependable and resilient. 
2. Favorite CHAUVET® YouTube video.
My favorite video is “Limb by Limb.” It is performed by Shafty, Portland’s tribute to Phish, and features Q-Spot 160-LED and Intimidator Spot LED 250 moving heads. The video showcases the real potential with these fixtures, including highlighting the smooth and slow pan and tilt movements. I feel like there aren’t too many lighting designers out there using these fixtures to their full potential — most seem like they are set on sound active mode.
3. Favorite DJ.
I am not a DJ so I really don’t have a favorite. However, my favorite lighting designer is Jefferson Waful of Umphrey’s McGee.  

4. Favorite event/nightclub with lights.
My Favorite venue is a beautiful theater built in 1905 called The Star Theater located in Portland, OR.  It has 60-foot ceilings so the Q-Spot 160-LED beams have plenty of room for spreading and interacting with the amazing architectural features.

5. Favorite tip for new CHAUVET® DJs.
Always put the safety of the musicians and audience first.  It is very important to always gaff or secure cable runs located in foot traffic areas in order to eliminate tripping hazards.  It is important to not only keep the public safe, but your investments as well.  Keeping your cable runs neat increases safety, and is also aesthetically pleasing and professional looking.
6. Complete this sentence: A show without lights is like…
A show without lights is like eating food without any flavor.  You can do it, but it’s not nearly as enjoyable and memorable.