6 Questions for Kamil Nowak

Posted on August 1, 2012 by webmaster

Congratulations to our August Facebook Fan of the Month, Kamil Nowak. Nowak, who is a full-time student, is originally from Poland and lives in Wallington, N.J. As a college sophomore, he works as a part-time web developer for a small marketing firm and is interested in anything computer related including DJing, graphics, video and web design. Nowak has a passion for lighting and is interested in everything from emergency vehicle lighting to DJ and club lighting.

“It’s amazing what light is capable of,” Nowak said. “It has so many uses and I feel that far too often, we take it for granted. “

1. Favorite CHAUVET® light/product.
COLORrail IRC.  I think it speaks for itself, but COLORrail IRC has the capability to wash almost any area with multi-colored light.  Whether you’re washing a dance floor, wall or performers, you will get a bright output and transform any event.  Plus, built-in chase patterns and programs double as an additional effect and provide your audience with extra eye candy.

2. Favorite CHAUVET® YouTube video.
Intimidator Spot LED 350 by CHAUVET® DJ is probably my favorite video — it captures the capabilities and features of the fixture perfectly.  I wanted to go buy a pair of them immediately after watching the video.

3. Favorite DJ.
My favorite DJ is Ean Golden.  His website is very informative and offers great advice and tutorials.  He essentially set up a community where both new and experienced DJs can learn from each other while sharing tips and tricks.

4. Favorite event/nightclub with lights.
Considering I’m still under 21 and can’t really get into any nightclubs, I’m going to have to skip this question.  However, any event or venue able to completely transform its look and create a spectacular show using lighting gets two thumbs up from me.

5. Favorite tip for new CHAUVET® DJs.
Buy once, cry once.  Meaning, buy high quality gear the first time, and if it breaks down a few years down the road, you’ll be crying because you miss the gear, not because you wasted your money on junk.

6. Complete this sentence: A show without lights is like…
A show without lights is like a movie without the video.