6 questions for Larz Hanson

Posted on March 14, 2011 by webmaster

Larz Hanson

Our March Facebook Fan of the Month is Larz Hanson of Detour DJ & Audio based in Cleveland, Tenn.
1. Favorite CHAUVET® light/product: This one’s EASY. The Q-Spot 260-LED! I just bought my 7th and am on my way to an even dozen by year-end. Best moving-head light for the money, hands down!
2. Favorite CHAUVET® YouTube video: Can’t think of a favorite by CHAUVET®, but this one and this video helped me to try my first pair of Q-Spot 260-LED’s.
3. Favorite DJ: DJ Larz w/ Detour DJ & Audio (I’m so humble…)
4. Favorite event/nightclub with lights: Any Phish concert. On a much smaller scale, Pokey’s in Cleveland, Tenn., whenever my band plays there!
5. Favorite tip for new CHAUVET® DJs: Always keep your eyes open for new ways  to improve your setup and show. There are zillions of DJ’s out there, but only a small number go the extra yard to really give their clients top-notch service.
6. Complete this sentence: A show without lights is like…dark. 😉 No, really, it’s like going on a date with a beautiful woman while you’re blindfolded!

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