6 Questions for Storm Savino

Posted on September 1, 2011 by webmaster

Congratulations to our September facebook Fan of the Month! Storm is the owner of Sound Storms Entertainment in West Palm Beach, FL.  He has a lot of experience in the DJ/MC world and can provide dance floor light effects shows, karaoke, high power blacklights, synthetic evaporative snow machines, video projectors with screen, uplighting, generator power, and more to the events he hosts. Read on and get to know a little bit more about Storm.

1. Favorite CHAUVET® light/product:  ShowXpress. I have been a “light junkie” for many years and have experimented at one point or another with every DMX controller around. ShowXpress is by far the most user friendly, flexible, and easily modified or adapted on the fly of any! The following is a list of fixtures I currently use in my setup: one Hurricane 1300, two Hurricane 700, one Bubble King B550, four MiN Spot RGBW,  two LED Mushroom, 28 LEDrain 64C, ShowXpress, one Gobo Zoom LED, two SM-150X Snow Machine, one Hemisphere 5, two Intimidator 1.0, one Followspot 400G, two CH-01 lighting stand, three CH-31 portable truss, and four DMX-4 Dimmer/Relay Pack.

2. Favorite CHAUVET® YouTube video: My favorite CHAUVET® Youtube video has to be “ShowXpress – Wireless Control App for CHAUVET® LED products” for the most obvious reasons of me being a light junkie and ShowXpress Fan!
3. Favorite DJ: My favorite DJ would have to be DJ Jock D (one that not many newer DJs will know). If it was not for knowing him as a kid, I would have never gotten into being a DJ. To this day, he is still rocking it old school with SL1200’s and his mixes are still number one! Thanks Chris!
4. Favorite event/nightclub with lights: I did an event a few weeks ago for a 16th birthday. The host told me they wanted a “real club look and feel.” I set up four MiN Spot RGBW, 28 LEDrain 64C, one Hurricane 1300 fog machine, two LED Mushroom and one Gobo Zoom LED. Not only was I in heaven, everyone from all the other parties at the hotel had to come and see!

5. Favorite tip for new CHAUVET® DJs: This is easy – take it from a 13 year veteran! If you are going do it…do it right. It will cost you more in the end to fix lighting or upgrade your gear when you could have done it right from the get go for a few bucks more. LED will save you money on bulbs, and companies based in the US will provide better support than the cheap companies overseas It is always better to have and not need than to need and not have. You can dim a fixture but you can’t “over brighten” it.

6. Complete this sentence “A show without lights is like:” A Christmas without presents……. POINTLESS!