An Examination of Intimidator Spot LED 150

Posted on July 19, 2012 by webmaster

Kenneth Merenda, aka DJ K-Rock, of Houston, Texas considers himself a DJ hobbyist. Though DJing is not his primary source of income, he frequently DJs for promotional events like in-store fashion shows for clothing boutiques, the Simon Fashion Show held at the Houston Galleria and an annual winter hair fashion show for Visible Changes salon. Merenda just added an Intimidator Spot LED 150 to his setup — read on as he reviews his latest addition.

1. Why did you select a CHAUVET® DJ fixture?
I did quite a bit of product research for fixtures in my price range, and CHAUVET® was always the most popular. That information, coupled with my past experience with CHAUVET® fixtures, made it an easy call.

2. Why did you decide to purchase the Intimidator Spot LED 150?
I knew I wanted a moving yoke, but I wasn’t going to commit to anything until I saw it in action. When I arrived at Guitar Center and saw all of the display fixtures they had running, there was one that stood out brighter than the rest – Intimidator Spot LED 150. I had to get a sales representative to verify that the fixture I saw really was the one I was thinking of. I couldn’t believe the output. I bought this fixture the same day I bought the new iPad, and I had a lot more fun playing with the fixture than I did with the iPad.

3. What specific features were you looking for?
Fixture quality and brightness were the most important. Whatever I decided on had to be very bright and I didn’t want an ugly or cheap looking fixture because most of my events are done at fashion shows where house lighting stays on.

4. What do you like best about the Intimidator Spot LED 150?
The output is, by far, the best.  It exceeds the brightness I expected from an LED fixture and creates nice crisp edges with the gobos. For the price of this fixture, there isn’t too much not to like. A prism or rotating gobos would have knocked it out of the park, but I’m still happy.

5. Do you feel it’s easy to operate?
Incredibly easy. Setting up DMX is just as simple as switching to sound-active mode or using fast/slow macros.

6. Would you recommend this fixture, why or why not?
I would absolutely recommend it.  I plan to get at least one more myself. I DJ for two reasons:  the music and the toys.  I hate cheap DJ light shows where you can tell they bought the “party lighting package” box.” Intimidator Spot LED 150 lets me put on a nightclub-quality light show without spending thousands of dollars.