Band Profile: Flashback

Posted on April 2, 2012 by webmaster

Tell us about your band.
Flashback is a five-member 80s tribute band who performs throughout the New Orleans area. The group specializes in 80s rock and pop music and plays popular hits by Bon Jovi, Journey, Prince, Billy Idol and many more. The band name was a vote between One-Eyed Willie (a reference to The Goonies) and Flashback. After One-Eyed Willie was narrowly out-voted, it became Flashback.

What type of lighting is used for your performances?
Until now, none of us had any experience whatsoever in designing and running a light show because it was always provided by the venue or the sound guys that we hired. After changing up our show with some new songs and creative ideas, we knew that we hit a plateau in terms of awesomeness and it was because of the lighting. I started researching everything about lights learned the differences between wash lighting, spotlights, moonflowers, effect lighting, lasers, gobos, and educated myself on DMX.  Now I’m obsessed with lighting to the point that I can’t fall asleep sometimes because my brain is too busy thinking about this fixture, this look, this movement pattern, etc.! During each performance, we use four Q-Beam 260-LED moving heads and two 6SPOT static washes. Future purchases include a hazer, SlimPAR wash lights, a truss system and Q-Spot moving heads.

What is your favorite fixture?
I think my favorite fixture is the new Q-Spot 560-LED. I’d love to get my hands on a few of those.  The rotating prism is beautiful and it has great focus features. I watched the YouTube video and it looks like it has an incredible output power and would make for a really good stage presence.

Complete this thought: A show without lights is like…..
A show without lights is like… listening to fireworks from indoors — it might sound impressive, but you really need to see it to get the full enjoyment.