Gig Lab! The Making of "Horror, Baby!"

Posted on October 3, 2013 by webmaster
The star of "Horror, Baby" CHAUVET® DJ's own Jody Ligas.

The star of “Horror, Baby!” CHAUVET® DJ’s own Jody Ligas.

Happy Halloween from CHAUVET® DJ!  This trip to the Gig Lab takes us behind the scenes of a special Halloween short horror movie created by the CHAUVET® DJ team!  The movie is called “Horror, Baby” and tells the tale of a girl whose visit to a Halloween party takes a turn for the worse. The movie highlights an amazing array of CHAUVET® DJ effects and fixtures that should inspire haunters everywhere to get creative about making their own Halloween attractions with CHAUVET® DJ products!

Ready to watch the full feature video of “Horror Baby!” – enjoy…if you dare!