He Can’t Drive Yet, But He Helps Run the Family DJ Business

Posted on October 3, 2011 by webmaster

Cameron Allen may seem like your average 14-year-old high school freshman, but his job sets him apart from other kids his age. During the week he is occupied by school and homework, but on the weekends, he switches gears and DJs and sets up lighting rigs for his family’s business, Musical Twist DJ Service. Are you ready for this? Their lighting rig is comprised of a Mega Moon and two LX5 moonflower effect lights, two LED Mushroom derby-style effect lights, three COLORstrip Mini wash lights, a DMX Mega Strobe II strobe light, an Obey 70 controller, portable CH-31 truss and the CHAUVET® Timer System Package.

The Allen family started Musical Twist DJ Service because they thought it would be a cool idea and a great addition to the Calgary community in Canada. Glen Allan (Cameron’s dad) is the light jockey and transportation manager for the company, while Pam Allen (Cameron’s mom) handles the advertising and sponsorship. Cameron decided to get involved because he was teaching himself how to DJ at the time and has a real passion for music. When it comes to gigs, Cameron is in charge of the set up and breakdown of the lighting rig, computer and controller. Although Cameron is the main DJ for Musical Twist DJ Service, Glen tends to DJ the “older” gigs.

“We DJ school dances, private events, birthday parties, graduation parties, stampede events, pool parties, church events, retirement parties, charity events, the list is endless,” Cameron said. “I balance school and the business by being organized, getting good grades and having a plan. My favorite part of working for Musical Twist DJ Service is that I am able to spend time with my family and gain knowledge for the future.”

Cameron Allen
Musical Twist DJ Service