Hurricane 1800 Flex Endures “Flood”

Posted on March 21, 2012 by webmaster

A testimonial by Chris Bond of b.c. Entertainment
“Recently, a water pipe broke in my basement. Unfortunately, it broke right above the shelves my DJ equipment is stored on. We were quite literally pouring water out of lights, speakers and cable cases… a lot was lost. I did a gig last night and as I was setting up, I started noticing a strange odor. I looked down, and smoke was billowing from my CHAUVET® Hurricane 1800 Flex.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but it was billowing from the case, not the nozzle! I immediately powered it down and put it up on the table. It occurred to me, as I glanced down at the puddle of water in the floor that came out when I flexed the nozzle up, that I had never checked to see if the 1800 had “taken on water.” Obviously it did, and idiot me, I thought I just fried it.

Since I knew the warranty was void anyway, I removed the casing at the nozzle area to see how bad it was and I didn’t see any damage! Curious, and quite possible stupidly, I plugged it back in.

The “smoke” I observed was actually steam being produced by the water being boiled out of the insulation surrounding the heater nozzle so I decided to let it sit there a few minutes and “cook.” Much to my surprise, I was rewarded a short time later with a “blue fluid tank!” (For those that don’t know, that is the “ready” indicator on the Flex. The tank glows red when not ready, blue when it is.) I used my crossed fingers and pressed the test button…IT WORKED!!! I reassembled the case and used the machine the rest of the evening without issue. Also unable to catch a ride on the ark for “the flood,” were my two BRAND NEW CHAUVET® Circus fixtures. They were still on the shelves in their boxes, when we took them down.

When I went down today to take pictures of the smoke machine for you guys, I decided the lights had been drying long enough. It was time to “fly or fry”…they didn’t fry. They worked like nothing had ever happened.

It was not the “luck of the Irish” that helped me this past St. Patrick’s Day, it was the fact that CHAUVET® builds a damn fine product that can take a little abuse and still perform the way it should. However, I don’t really recommend that you turn your garden hose onto any of your fixtures to give it a try.

I am so grateful that CHAUVET® builds a durable product. Although I have been a DJ/Karaoke host for over ten years, I only recently went into business for myself. The prices on your lighting equipment made it possible for me to purchase a quality show for my clients. The quality of your equipment has made it possible for me to continue to stay in business. Thank you again.”