Introducing Nimbus!

Posted on October 31, 2011 by webmaster

Nimbus makes its debut at LDI 2011, booth 175. It’s a dry-iced supplied low fogger. AND it’s amazing! A powerful machine, with two heating elements, and a multi-level control arm for easily controlled output for that “dancing on a cloud” feeling.

Some members of the CHAUVET® staff got a chance to see it in action. In what seemed like seconds the entire floor was “cloud-covered”. The room was outlined on three sides with COLORband TRI linear wash lights. Here are a couple of photos we took. Enjoy!

Club/DJ product team setting up Nimbus in studio at CHAUVET® HQ

Nimbus swirling up a storm

Nimbus in action

Nimbus shot (as seen on Facebook!)

Photos and video being taken of Nimbus in studio at CHAUVET® HQ

CHAUVET® staff amazed at Nimbus demo