Lights Up Loud Illuminates Guitar Guru

Posted on May 17, 2013 by webmaster

Photos by Henry Hughes
Jason Goers, uses 10 Intimidator Spot 250 LED to light the Alberta Rose Theatre during a live performance by guitar guru, Trace Bundy. Goers is a lighting designer who works more than 140 shows per year and owns Lights Up Loud — a concert lighting design company that specializes in bringing stage performances to life by adding energetic and soulful elements. He recently upgraded his lighting system and replaced his 10 Q-Spot 160-LED moving heads with 10 Intimidator Spot LED 250 — read on for his seven favorite features. *Photo Credit: Henry Hughes

1. Quicker set up and tear down with power linking capability
2. Easily fly the fixture using a single bracket
3. Upgraded step motors for smooth and controlled pan and tilt functions
4. Blinking red light indicates DMX signal which is great for emergency troubleshooting 5. Improved optics with faster manual focus
6. Easy access for maintenance and cleaning once the chassis is stripped off
7. Brighter and more compact than the Q-Spot 160-LED

Photos by Henry HughesPhotos by Henry Hughes