Seen Around Town -September 2016

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Geoff Short

Another collection of Fantastic stage and DJ looks from CHAUVET DJ users around the world! Where are you using CHAUVET DJ?

Matthew Beauchamp
Toronto, Canada Matthew Beauchamp of Mobile Productions in Toronto, Canada achieves this clean look with 4 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC moving heads.
Poland CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Trios spotted at Astral Concert.
El Paso, Texas Alejandro Fernandez of A & A Productions in El Paso, Texas gets this classy look with Trusst Glo Totems and Intimidator 255 IRCs. His facade is lit with a Chauvet Colorband Pix Mini.
Oxford, Massachusetts Justin from B.A.S.S. DJ Entertainment in Oxford, Massachusetts provided CHAUVET DJ fixtures for this neat video introducing the new official Mascot of Lancer Nation at Worcester State University. ShowXpress was used for the programing, a D-Fi Wireless Transmitter controlled the SlimPar H6 USBs via D-Fi USB DMX, and Intimidators, Freedoms and a Hurricane Haze 3D completed the rig. Check it out!

CHAUVET DJ Gear used: ShowXpress Software, Xpress 512 USB Dongle, D-Fi Wireless Transmitter, x6 SlimPar H6 with D-Fi USB Receiver, x1 Hurricane Haze 3D (DMX Controlled), 9 Freedom Par Hex4 (w/ Charge 9 Rack), Intimidator 355Z on 2m F34 truss totems linked to H6 via D-Fi USB DMX, x2 Intimidator 255 on 1m F34 truss totems linked to H6 via D-Fi USB DMX.

London Beautiful purple elegance courtesy of Ace Bros Co. who supplied the event lighting design for this wedding gig at the Landmark Hotel in London. CHAUVET DJ Intimidator LED 150’s, COLORband PiX-M’s and Motion Orbs were used for the main stage and backdrop and CHAUVET Professional Wells were used as uplight around the perimeter of the room.

CHAUVET DJ Gear used:
x 8 CHAUVET DJ Intimidator LED 150, x 4 CHAUVET DJ COLORband PiX-M, X 6 CHAUVET DJ Motion Orb.