The Thrill of Lighting Control

Experience the excitement of creating amazing lightscapes with the click of a mouse. It's never been so easy or intuitive to control lighting and produce dynamic lightshows than it is with ShowXpress from simple par fixtures to the most feature-packed moving heads. All you need is a computer and ShowXpress software. Get ready for the thrill of ShowXpress lighting control. View Product Page.


Unlock the power of ShowXpress with our latest software download. Whether you’re new to lighting control or a seasoned professional, ShowXpress offers intuitive tools to design and run stunning light shows.

Drivers (Windows Only)

Ensure seamless communication between your hardware and ShowXpress software with our comprehensive driver downloads. Stay updated with the latest versions for optimal performance and compatibility.

Live_Mobile App

Extend the capabilities of ShowXpress with our mobile apps. Control your light shows wirelessly and effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet, giving you ultimate flexibility and convenience.

User Guide

Get started with ShowXpress quickly and efficiently with our detailed user guide. From initial setup to advanced features, our guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you master the software.


Learn how to create professional light shows with our easy-to-follow tutorials. Our video and written tutorials cover everything from basic setup to complex programming, ensuring you get the most out of ShowXpress.

New Profiles

Access the latest lighting profiles for ShowXpress, ensuring your software is compatible with a wide range of fixtures. Stay current with new profiles to expand your creative possibilities.


Have questions? Find answers in our comprehensive FAQ section. We cover common queries and troubleshooting tips to help you resolve issues and maximize your ShowXpress experience.


Join our community of ShowXpress users in our dedicated forum. Share ideas, ask questions, and get support from fellow users and experts. Connect with a network of lighting professionals and enthusiasts.

Training Resources!

ShowXpress YouTube Playlist

Visit our YouTube playlist for everything ShowXpress! Tutorials are just a click away.

Video Playlist

ShowXpress. Intuitive. Powerful

ShowXpress is intuitive and easy to use lighting control software. With just a few minutes of set up, you're just a few clicks away from incredible lighting control experiences. CHAUVET DJ is committed to helping you get up and running and on the road to creating amazing light shows with this powerful software. Here are some frequently asked questions that can make your journey easier.