Team CHAUVET® Builds Epic Booth at DJ Expo

Posted on August 23, 2012 by webmaster

The CHAUVET® DJ team built an epic booth for the 2012 DJ Expo. The entire booth was constructed using TRUSST®, the rugged and economical trussing system backed by CHAUVET®, and featured more than 150 fixtures in action. In addition to sponsoring and lighting the main stage, we hosted a seminar delivered by DJ Mikey Mikey with upselling tips to increase your bottom line and another on ShowXpress — the software that turns any computer or smartphone into a lighting console.

Attendees witnessed the debut of hot new fixtures. Two new fixtures joined the Freedom series of 100% TRUE wireless fixtures, while amped up SlimPAR Quad-6 IRC and SlimPAR Quad-12 IRC wash lights joined the SlimPAR series. Nimbus flooded the show floor with low-lying clouds and Geyser RGB produced intense explosions of color, fog and light. Other big hits included the easy-to-use TRUSST® trussing system, as well as the ultra-bright and fast-moving Intimidator Spot series.