Wireless Wonder: Freedom to Connect with Magic!

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Natasha Farzad

CHAUVET DJ is expanding its presence in your gear bags. Now with more versatile fixtures than ever, we thought it was time to bring you the latest tips on connectivity and control. Check out the following GIG CHANGERS that help you Light Easier and elevate your bookings. From DMX to wireless and battery-powered to power linking, we’ve got you covered with LIGHTING.

Did you know CHAUVET DJ non-wireless fixtures connect to 100% wireless fixtures in a Master/Slave configuration? CHAUVET DJ product experts are bringing the rundown on Freedom Family and more in this gig lab demo!

It’s time to talk control. BTAir (patent pending) is the global sensation that lets you effortlessly control CHAUVET DJ Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled lights right from your phone or tablet. See how you can connect these Bluetooth® fixtures to other types of CHAUVET DJ fixtures in order to control them all with BTAir magic!