Extreme Productions Builds the Ultimate Setup with TRUSST® and CHAUVET® DJ

Posted on July 10, 2013 by webmaster

Adam Penias, aka DJ Adam, owns and operates Extreme Productions in South Florida. To meet the needs of his clients and set himself apart from the competition, he uses a collection of 85 CHAUVET® DJ fixtures and TRUSST® truss totems.

A DJ for six years, Penias specializes in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, Quinces, proms and homecomings. He also does weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and any other type of event in need of his services. See why he opts to use TRUSST® totems, why Intimidator Spot 350 LED is his favorite fixture and what he likes most about being a DJ.

“My TRUSST® totems take my setup to the next level. They give me the ability to hang TVs and provide my overall setup with a professional look. Without trussing, half the lights I own would be pointless because the height is needed. This setup also allows me to put a stretch screen in between two totems to create a screen for music videos, a photo montage, a live feed, etc. I am able to give my setup a variety of looks just by arranging the totems differently.

My favorite CHAUVET® DJ fixture has to be Intimidator Spot 350 LED. I purchased my first pair and was blown away. I was so impressed that I went back to the store and ordered a second pair the next day. Now that I own four of them, I rarely want or need to bring out my other moving heads. Intimidator Spot 350 LED is so incredibly bright and it projects crisp, wide beams and gobos.

My favorite part about being a DJ is making my clients happy — nothing beats seeing the smile on their face at the end of the event. To me, DJing is more of a hobby than a business — I believe that outlook has a lot to do with the success I have been given over the past few years. Not only do I enjoy the music portion of it, but I also love the production side as well. I love what I do!”

Gear Collection
4 x Intimidator Spot 350 LED
2 x Intimidator Spot XYZ
50 x SlimPAR 64
10 x COLORpalette
10 x COLORstrip
2 x Eclipse RGB
1 x Double Derby X
1 x Fallout
1 x Radius
1 x Elan
2 x J-Five
1 x ShowXpress