Marketing your “green” lighting to the right audience

Posted on January 27, 2012 by webmaster

-written by Tom Hudock of Memphis, Tenn.

We all know that over the past several years the “green” lifestyle has grown exponentially. No bigger place is this evident than right here in the U.S. We have a president that drops green phrases like “alternative fuels” and “wind and solar energy” almost daily. Our government has even written a law that would make the traditional incandescent light bulb obsolete by 2014. What are we as lighting designers and mobile DJ business owners to do? Join the revolution!

A recent study conducted by a leading paper manufacturer found that 62 percent of adults are more likely to visit a business that focuses on being green, regardless of distance or effort required. This should be music to your ears! That is if you currently own or are looking to own a lighting rig made up of high-powered energy saving LED fixtures and effects.

Here are my top five tips to get those “green-minded” shoppers seeking you out for their next mobile DJ or lighting event.
1. Purchase or update your current equipment arsenal with some of the latest and greatest low-energy lighting products. CHAUVET® offers a completed line of LED lighting fixtures including the COLORstrip, Cubix and SlimPAR 56.
2. Update your marketing materials to reflect your green business sense. Have your letterhead, business cards and brochures printed on paper stock that is either 100 percent recycled or made up of over 50 percent post consumer waste.
3. Update your website copy to include phrases like “LED technology” and “energy efficient”.
4. Educate yourself on the “green” movement by researching other companies and services that provide green or sustainable products to see how they market to this segment of the population.
5. Show off your new green lighting setup wherever and whenever possible to get your new target audience noticing what you offer.

Some great ideas for this would include:
• Offering to provide background music or lighting at a local farmers market with brochures in hand explaining your environment friendly difference from the competition’s.
• Volunteer to light or provide music for a local group planning a flash mob. What not a better place to show off your “green” gear and your talents than in front of hundreds of potential clients? And remember YouTube is almost always involved.
• Work with a local chapter of the American Cancer Society on a fundraising event like a Relay for Life walk and impact the lives of others while showing off your cutting edge LED lighting gear.