Obey 70: Absolute Control in the DMX Lighting Zone

Posted on September 21, 2011 by webmaster

-written by DJ Nate
SoundPros-Iowa, professional sound, lighting and event company in Marshalltown, Iowa

I have been doing quite a few weddings lately, and have been using PC-based software for programming my lights. As I was doing my monthly gear check the other day, I found tucked away in a road case with my backup mixer my CHAUVET® Obey 70 controller. I decided that I would fire it up and make sure it was in working order. I hooked up a few CHAUVET® SlimPAR 56 fixtures, an Intimidator 1.0, and some COLORstrip Mini lights, and right away I remembered how easy this controller was to use and operate.

From the joystick control of the pan and tilt functions for my scanners to programming scenes and chase sequences, I was in the DMX lighting zone. Before I knew it, I had two full banks of scenes and three chase sequences programmed and ready to go!

Getting back to DMX basics was good for my brain as well. I had become accustomed to the computer doing all the work for me and telling me which address I had to give to certain fixtures, and how dip switches needed to be configured. Also, it was a good exercise since a few of my lights do not have digital displays.

With the Obey 70, flexibility is not a problem. The Obey 70 can accommodate up to 12 fixtures, and each fixture can have up to 32 channels of DMX control. Up to 240 separate scenes can be stored in 30 different banks, and recalling them is a breeze with the easy to read digital display. The Obey 70 fits in a standard 19-inch rack and is an extremely versatile controller for club and mobile applications. It can handle any moving head or scanner on the market today such as the Intimidator Scan LED 300, or the Q-Spot 260 LED.

Like the rest of the Obey family of controllers, it is a great value for the money! My Obey 70 just got called up from the bullpen and will be put into the starting lineup at my next event!