Six-Part Series: Photography – How to Master It and Use It to Expand Your Business

Posted on October 22, 2013 by webmaster

We’re bringing you a helpful and insightful six-part series on photography! Why? Because we want to show you how low-light photography can be mastered and used to expand your mobile entertainment business. Read on!

Part 1 – Why Photography?
 by Ben Dickmann, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional and ILUMINARC
We all live in a world of social media bombardment — this we know. So, how can you stand out from the competition? Many people think high-quality still photography is going the route of the CD and becoming outdated. There is also the perception that everyone with a cell phone and Instagram account is a photographer. Couple this with YouTube and the introduction of services like Vine — now everything in the social media world can move and have a soundtrack. This is perfect for a DJ, right? Well, not necessarily.  Think about the bride and her parents who are surfing the internet in search of the perfect DJ for their perfect event — an event that may be one of the single largest outlays of money they ever make. You have a few precious seconds to make an impact on them and get the phone call. Are they going to take the time to watch grainy, poor audio-laced videos? Or, are they going to be captivated by that big, impressive shot of a reception hall with perfect lighting and ambiance? Do you see my point?

Automobile manufacturers have been doing this for years now. Look at any major car company’s web site and you will find a “lifestyle” photo of one of their vehicles, which will be perfectly lit, front and center. That photo draws you into the scene so you can picture yourself in the car doing what the photo depicts. This is what a photo does. These companies have endless resources and can easily have professional videos there — but they don’t. Why? Because a video takes time to develop and captivate. Photography instantaneously transports your mind and puts you into the event — that emotional connection will help catch their business for you.