A perfect match: Intimidator Spot LED 150 and Intimidator Wash

August 2011

Sunrise, Fla.– Intimidator™ Spot LED 150 and Intimidator™ Wash LED 150 have a surprising number of features for such lightweight, compact fixtures. Perfect for mobile DJs and clubs, these lights fit nicely on a truss and can be easily installed almost anywhere—ideal for low ceilings. Both units make a great start for a new rig, and work well—together or separately—for an existing one.

intimid-spot-led-150-twoA powerful LED moving yoke, Intimidator™ Spot LED 150 produces crisp optics and an even field with no hotspots. It is powered by a 15-watt white LED, and includes nine gobos and nine colors on separate wheels that generate more than 80 amazing effects.

Intimidator™ Wash LED 150 is a moving yoke wash with quad-colored RGBW LED and high-quality optics for fantastic color mixing combinations for a complete light show.


They are super bright lights that move fast and have smooth dimming features, built-in automated programs, built-in movement macros and move-in-black features minimize programming time. Power linking for both units makes it easy to set up and disassemble the rig.