CHAUVET® introduces new LED-fitted Beam Effect

August 2007

With the release of the Élan™, CHAUVET® reaffirms its commitment to take LED technology to new levels. The Élan™ features 224 LEDs that create beams, which rotate and crisscross, and mid-air effects. A 70° beam angle allows wide room and floor coverage.

The Élan™ offers four channels of DMX control (red, green, blue and strobe), with a plethora of preprogrammed color changes and patterns. Separate knobs control sound sensitivity for movement and color independently, allowing for a variety of show options. By manipulating the dipswitches located on the unit, users can control color strobing and movement.

The Élan™ also features master/slave settings and an additional power output that enables daisy-chaining of up to 20 fixtures. The use of LEDs keeps weight and power requirements low.

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