Control New Freedom Series Right From Your Smartphone or Tablet

August 2014

SUNRISE, FL – For CHAUVET DJ, “Freedom” means more than simply doing away with power cords and DMX cables. Now, users of the company’s popular battery-powered, Freedom Series wash fixtures can shed the constraints of DMX controllers, too. Three new models have been added to the Freedom Series – Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4 and Freedom Par Hex-4 — all of which can be wirelessly-DMX-controlled with a familiar device you carry around every day:  your smartphone or tablet.

Great for washing and uplighting walls and stages, these new “go-anywhere” Freedom fixtures are powered by 5.7-watt multi-colored LEDs to produce an extremely bright output and smoothly blended colors. As their names suggest, the Freedom Par Tri-6 contains six Tri-Color (RGB) LEDs, while the Freedom Par Quad-4 has four Quad-Color (RGBA) LEDs, and the Freedom Par Hex-4 utilizes four Hex-Color (RGBAW+UV) LEDs.

With the convenience of being able to control these Freedom fixtures from smartphones and tablets, DJs, bands and mobile entertainers will have more creative flexibility than ever with their lighting designs. Not only are there no DMX or power cord restrictions to contend with, but users won’t have to worry about the proximity of a controller, giving them the ultimate freedom and mobility to set up and operate their lightshows however and wherever they choose.

The smartphone/tablet control technology works by utilizing a palm-sized hardware interface called the FlareCON Air, another new member of the Freedom Series (sold separately), which is compatible with both iOS and Android™ operating systems. End-users simply download the FlareCON app to their phone or tablet, and it will transmit their commands via Wi-Fi to the FlareCON Air unit, which in turn sends the signal to the fixtures. Extremely affordable, the FlareCON Air not only works with the new Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4 and Freedom Par Hex-4, but also with all of the original fixtures in the Freedom Series – enabling them to be controlled by phones and tablets too.

“The name of the Freedom Series says it all – it was developed to give our customers total creative freedom to design their lightshows without being limited by physical constraints,” said Allan Reiss, Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ.  “That’s why all of the Freedom fixtures are battery-operated and have wireless DMX capability.  Now we’ve gone a step further and developed a very affordable and easy-to-use technology that allows you to control the fixtures with a smartphone or tablet, thereby eliminating the need for a controller.

“In addition to the convenience of phone/tablet control,” added Reiss, “the three new fixtures in the Freedom Series offer some other terrific features that will appeal to anyone who’s looking for a great colorwash light that’s totally portable and cordless.”

For starters, ranging from just 6.2-7.4 pounds (2.9-3.3 kg), the Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4 and Freedom Par Hex-4 are 40% lighter than the older models in the Freedom Series, making them even easier to transport.  They are also one-third the size, allowing them to fit easily inside sticks of TRUSST for use as truss warmers. Most impressive of all, despite their smaller size, these little dynamos are four times brighter than their predecessors in the Freedom Series!

Like the original Freedom models, the Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4 and Freedom Par Hex-4 run on an internal lithium battery with an operating time up to 8 hours if all lights are on, or up to 20 hours if a just a single color is used, with a quick 6-hour battery recharge time. The units include built-in discharge protection for extending the battery’s lifespan.  As a means of increasing battery run time even further, the 6-color Freedom Par Hex-4 is equipped with limiter circuitry, which conserves energy when more than 4 colors are in use simultaneously.

All of the new Freedom models include a built-in D-Fi transceiver and offer multiple DMX profile options.  For simple operation where DMX is not needed, the units can be controlled wirelessly with a CHAUVET IRC-6 remote controller, which is included with the Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4 and Freedom Par Hex-4 as a value-added feature. Compatible with all first generation Freedom fixtures, the three new models can be run Master-Slave with one another, as well as their predecessors, for a coordinated light show.

Included with the Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4 and Freedom Par Hex-4 is a built-in adjustable kickstand that allows users to shine light only where it is needed. For safe and easy transport, storage and charging, four Freedom models of any kind can fit into CHAUVET’s CHS-FR4 soft carry bag (sold separately).