Cover all the Angles with the Intimidator Spot XYZ

December 2009

aurora1The Intimidator™ Spot XYZ is the first CHAUVET® fixture to use three axes of motion to create unique positions and effects. Through new technology, this moving yoke spot allows the operator to angle the light in any position, including diagonally.

This innovative, quietly operating luminaire comes with a high powered 60-watt white LED and 11 or 16 channels of DMX control. The Intimidator™ Spot XYZ also offers built-in sound activated programs via master/slave. It offers user selectable basic or advanced operating modes. It responds quickly and accurately to programming.

And it comes fully packed with features such as a color wheel with seven slots plus white to produce vivid, saturated colors. It also has the capacity to produce split colors as well as a rainbow spin at variable speeds. The smoothly rotating gobo wheel is fitted with seven interchangeable gobos plus open.

  The Intimidator™ Spot XYZ also comes with remote focus and a 3-facet prism, plus individual reset of focus, prism, gobo, color, pan and tilt. Other features include variable electronic shutter for strobing and variable electronic dimmer. Pan and tilt are user assignable, allowing for more precise coverage by adjusting the range of movement to within 180°, 360° or 540° of the two pans and tilt. Other features include automatic pan and tilt correction, plus move-in-black for pan and tilt, color and gobo.

The beam angle is a sharply focused 17°, perfect for longer throws and high ceilings. Output is an impressive 17,300 lux at 1 meter. Up to four units can be power linked at 120V.

Its compact size (11- by 11- by 17-inches) and weight (18 lbs.) make this sophisticated and unique fixture ideal for mobile applications as well as permanent installations.