Kinta X Becomes an LED Powerhouse

February 2009

  The all-new Kinta™ X provides a derby effect with 72 beams of brilliant light. By upgrading to LED illumination, the Kinta™ X is smaller and lighter but more powerful than its halogen-powered predecessor.

CHAUVET kept all the features to which DJs have become accustomed – continuous rotation or back-and-forth motor control for full room coverage and built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX controller.

With three high-powered 3-watt LEDs, this popular fixture comes with preprogrammed shows that will fill the room with 135-degree wide floor coverage of nearly limitless combinations of red, green and blue.

Thanks to LED technology, its space-saving size of 11 inches x 11.7 inches x 10 inches and weight of only 6 pounds allow for easy transporting and stowing.

The Kinta™ X can be linked to other X series fixtures that share the X-Bracket plus the LED Mushroom™ in a master/slave configuration for multiple effects. Since each unit draws only 24-watts, DJs can daisy chain up to 37 units at 120 volts.

Another benefit of LED technology means the Kinta™ X is a cool fixture that can go where heat must be minimized. And, duty cycles are a thing of the past.

The Kinta™ X accepts a wide range of voltages, from 100 – 240V so it can go anywhere. And the autosensing feature automatically triggers the unit’s adjustment to the voltage supplied.

For maximum coverage with crisp beams, the versatile Kinta™ X is bound to become a top seller.