New FlareCON Air App Controls Lights Via Smartphones or Tablets

July 2014

SUNRISE, Fla.– CHAUVET DJ has advanced wireless lighting control to a new level by introducing the FlareCON Air hardware interface.  This revolutionary palm-sized device gives DJs, clubs, designers and other end-users an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility by making it easy for them to control any of the company’s battery-operated Freedom series fixtures directly from their smartphone or tablet.

“The Freedom series fixtures in your rig just became a lot more flexible,” said Allan Reiss, Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “The FlareCON Air will be a real industry game-changer. Not only does this simple device give DJs and entertainers the convenience of controlling their lights via their phones or tablets, it will also allow them to get more creative with their lighting designs, because they won’t be hampered by wiring or control restrictions. This greater design flexibility will give their shows an edge over the competition.”

Affordable and easy to use, the FlareCON Air is compatible with both iOS® and Android™ operating systems. End-users simply have to download the FlareCON Air app to their phone or tablet. Then when they give a command on the mobile device, FlareCON Air will send the signal wirelessly to the fixtures – turning phones or tablets into wireless DMX lighting controllers!

aurora1Working reliably over unobstructed distances up to 600 feet (183 m), the FlareCON Air brings new meaning to the Freedom series fixtures’ name. Without having to worry about the constraints of DMX cords or the proximity of a controller, DJs, clubs and entertainers will have the ultimate freedom and mobility to set up and operate their lightshows however and wherever they choose.

In conjunction with the FlareCON Air rollout, CHAUVET DJ is introducing three new Freedom series LED fixtures, which are smaller and more lightweight than their predecessors: Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4, and Freedom Par Hex-4. However, Reiss points out that the FlareCON Air not only works with these new models, but also with the original fixtures in the series, enabling all Freedom products to be controlled with smartphones and tablets.

“Even if someone doesn’t want to go out and buy new fixtures, if they own any of the earlier Freedom products, for a relatively small investment in the FlareCON Air they can start controlling their lights with their mobile devices,” said Reiss. “By making this technology compatible with existing Freedom strips and pars, we are giving these products a new lease on life and allowing the owners to get more value out of them.  Our philosophy at Chauvet is that we don’t want to sell you a product that’s going to get old over time, but one that’s actually going to get better!”

In addition to the Freedom series, the FlareCON Air will work with all D-Fi-ready lighting fixtures from CHAUVET DJ. The FlareCON Air unit itself consists of a Wi-Fi receiver and a wireless D-Fi transmitter in one compact box. It can wirelessly synchronize an unlimited number of D-Fi ready fixtures and receivers simultaneously.  Equipped with 3-pin XLR connectors, the FlareCON Air’s output can also be used with wired DMX protocols.

Operating on a 2.4GHz frequency, the FlareCON Air offers extremely reliable performance, even in banquet halls, concert venues and other environments with a large amount of wireless traffic. Users can manually select from 16 different operating channels, or they can utilize an Auto selection mode, which will search through all the channels to find the one currently least in use.  “When you use the Auto mode, your communications are automatically directed to the channel with the least amount of interference, which assures that your wireless signal will be strong and reliable,” said Reiss.

As mobile itself as the control capabilities it provides, the FlareCON Air is extremely compact and lightweight, measuring just 5.59 x 3.58 x 1.81 inches (142 x 91 x 46 mm) and weighing 1.2 pounds (0.6 kg).  The unit offers flexible mounting options, including a built-in hook and loop fastener strap, keyhole mounting apertures, and M10 and M12 threaded holes for direct mounting to truss.