Scorpion 55RG-64

April 2006

Presented in a distinctive metallic red casing, Scorpion™ 55RG-64 is a high efficiency green and red scanning laser capable of yielding hundreds of effects through controlled variations in the speed of scanning, the movement speed of 40 pre-set dynamic patterns, the size of 40 pre-set static patterns, beam color activation and X and Y positioning. It uses the same scanning mirrors for pattern projection and positioning, creating a highly effective bounce.

It responds to DMX control via 8 channels and also operates on stand-alone via DMX and in master/slave mode. Preset programs can be manipulated by adjusting the speed of scanning and/or the movement speed of patterns. Scorpion™ 55RG-64 comes outfitted with a 532nm/40mW green diode and a 650nm/60mW red diode, drawing power from either a 110 V or 230/240 V source. Other convenient features include sound-sensitivity control, micro-stepping motors and an efficient internal cooling fan. Compact in size and weighing under 4.2kgs, it is equally suited for permanent and mobile applications.

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